Beautiful custom-made children’s story and illustration. Bespoke and made with love.

8” x 6” swivel book, 7-12 pages (depending on the story and the number of details provided).

The story will be created upon receipt of some unique facts or pieces of information about your child i.e. they love to splash in puddles, they have beautiful curly hair, places of interest etc… The more detail the better for making this a truly unique and lovable story that you and your child will cherish for years to come. I will send the draft story to you for your approval once prior to creating the final product.

This will be accompanied with an illustration on the front co ver. Please send a few photos of your child/children for reference. The illustration will be personalised and drawn digitally just for you. I will send a draft illustration for your approval and for you to give some minor ammendments (once only) prior to creating the final product.

The final product will be printed on high quality paper (300gsm, ultra-pearlescent). Before being cut and bound together using a small rivet. Each page can be rotated around a 360-degree axis.

It is a wonderful gift and keepsake that would be perfect for loved ones on their birthday/Christmas.


Children’s personalised story book | Custom Made Story and Illustration

  • Free 2nd Class UK only - 2-3 working days

    It will take 8 working days to complete your order before it is sent to you. Then 2-3 business days once in the post.

  • Send me a note once purchased providing information about the person the story is for e.g. they love going on walks and splashing in puddles. Is there a particular memory you wish to be turned into a story. Details of what they look like that make them unique? What makes them happy? 

    In addition send some reference photos to me for the front custom made illustration.